Our Story

Totally Gluten Free Bakery was established in October of 2006. While baking in several different bakeries, Wendy realised there was a growing need for an exclusive gluten free bakery. 

Opening up the first store on Worcester street was the begining of Wendy's dream and quickly expanded by taking over 3 other shops in the same block to create the original plant. Lori came on board in late 2010 and they continued the dream by taking over the Gingerbread Man on Blenheim Road 

On 22nd February 2011 at 12.51pm a 6.3 magnitute earthquake hit Christchurch, Worcester Street was completly damaged but thankfully no-one was hurt. 

Luckily Wendy and Lori had purchased the Blenhiem Road plant to work out of, so, they were able to merge both the original team with the new, and continue to service their loyal customer base through a difficult time.

It was a hard time in Christchurch post earthquakes but the business managed to grow, and in 2017 it was time for a change. Wendy and Lori found the perfect spot to achieve this at their current location on Colombo Street. Better access for the customers, a bigger space to create, and, a location that had a more inclusive community feel.

The drama train did not stop however, with COVID level 4 lockdown, the business had to close for 2 weeks to ensure everyone was safe and well before resuming business in a different capacity, that being direct to customer delivery. Thanks to New Zealand's stance on a "Team of 5 million" the country was able to get back up and running, and the TGF team were back in regular business (with social distancing etc)

Over the past 15 years, our focus has always been to supplying those with gluten allergies the best tasting food possible. We continually perfect our recipes, whether it be because of ingredients availability, wanting to try new and challenging baked goods (like croissants!), or combinig new flavours. We have grown, and will continue to grow with our city, for our customers. Please do come in and see us, so we can hear about your journey!

Our Team


WENDY : Owner/Operator - She does it all! The early morning starts to coming up with new ideas, and is our main baker of biscuits and sweets.

LORI: Owner - Looking after the finer details and keeping the books balanced.

LISA: Baker - Rising early and baking our loaves with love! 

DWAYNE: Baker - Making all our savoury products to absolute perfection.

ADELE: Front of House - Happy and friendly to help you in the morning.

EMMA: Shop Assistant - Excited to create beautiful coffees and point of sales, learning heaps about gluten free baking.

CASSIE: Shop Assistant - New to the team, part time student, and always eager to help you find what you need.

EVA: Shop Assistant - New to the team, currently at High School and keen to learn about the food industry.