• Original White Loaf

    Original White Loaf

    The one who started it all. Dairy Free.

  • Large White Loaf

    Large White Loaf

    Bigger size, more like "normal" size bread.700g

  • Multigrain Loaf

    Multigrain Loaf

    Made with seeds including sesame. Dairy Free. 550g

  • Large Multigrain Loaf

    Large Multigrain Loaf

    A seeded loaf including sesame, just a bit larger (taller) for the sandwich maker. 700g Dairy Free.

  • Cheese Loaf

    Cheese Loaf

  • Bacon & Cheese Loaf

    Bacon & Cheese Loaf

    Sprinkled with cracked pepper,exactly as yummy as it sounds!

  • Onion & Cheese Loaf

    Onion & Cheese Loaf

  • Fruit Loaf

    Fruit Loaf

    Fabulous toasted for breaky. Dairy Free.

  • Hearty Dark Loaf

    Hearty Dark Loaf

    A great dark loaf, made with brown rice flour and rice bran with a touch of caraway seeds. Dairy Free.

  • Garlic & Herb Loaf

    Garlic & Herb Loaf

    Dairy Free.

  • Rice Bran & Chia Loaf

    Rice Bran & Chia Loaf

    Our highest fibre bread. Dairy Free.

  • Megaseed Loaf

    Megaseed Loaf

    Made with pumpkin seeds, linseed, and chia. Dairy Free.

  • Vegan White Loaf

    Vegan White Loaf

    Egg Free. Dairy Free.

  • Vegan Seed Loaf

    Vegan Seed Loaf

    Egg Free. Dairy Free.

  • Focaccia- Olive & Feta

    Focaccia- Olive & Feta

    A delicious new favourite, Dairy Free

  • Garlic Bread 2 pack

    Garlic Bread 2 pack

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