• Rocky Road 2pk

    Rocky Road 2pk

    Dairy Free - replacing the raspberry crunch

  • Muesli Slice 2pk

    Muesli Slice 2pk

    Dairy free and egg free

  • Chocolate Fudge 2pk

    Chocolate Fudge 2pk

  • Tan Slice 2pk

    Tan Slice 2pk

    Caramel slice topped with biscuit crumb and chocolate chippies

  • Peppermint Chocolate Slice 2pk

    Peppermint Chocolate Slice 2pk

    Chocolate biscuit base layered with peppermint and chocolate topping

  • Macaroon 2pk

    Macaroon 2pk

    Toasted coconut with raspberry jam

  • Ginger Slice 2pk

    Ginger Slice 2pk

    The traditional Kiwi favourite

  • Citrus Slice 2pk

    Citrus Slice 2pk

    Orange flavoured slice

  • Coffee/ Walnut Slice 2pk

    Coffee/ Walnut Slice 2pk

    Topped with white and chocolate truffle sprinkled with crushed walnuts

  • Caramel Delight 2pk

    Caramel Delight 2pk

    Chocolate biscuit base layered with caramel and topped with cornflakes,chocolate chips and coconut

  • Caramallow 2pk

    Caramallow 2pk

    Biscuit base layered with caramel, marshmallow and topped with chocolate

  • Blackforest 2pk

    Blackforest 2pk

    Chocolate fudge with black cherries

  • Chocolate Raspberry Brownie

    Chocolate Raspberry Brownie

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