Ingredients (to make your own)

  • TGF Flour Mix 1kg

    TGF Flour Mix 1kg

    1kg Tapioca and Rice Flour

  • TGF Flour Mix 2kg

    TGF Flour Mix 2kg

    2kg flour mix of tapioca and rice flour

  • TGF Flour Mix 10kg

    TGF Flour Mix 10kg

    Tapioca and Rice Flour

  • TGF Flour Mix 5kg

    TGF Flour Mix 5kg

    Tapioca and Rice Flour

  • Fresh Pasta 250g

    Fresh Pasta 250g

    lasagne or fettuccine

  • Pastry 350g

    Pastry 350g

    pastry ready to use or to freeze for later

  • Gravy Mix 100g

    Gravy Mix 100g

  • Pancake Mix 500g

    Pancake Mix 500g

  • TGF Batter Mix 225g

    TGF Batter Mix 225g

  • Icing Sugar 500g

    Icing Sugar 500g

  • Cocoa 200g

    Cocoa 200g

  • TGF Toasted Muesli 500g

    TGF Toasted Muesli 500g

    GF muesli containing a lightly toasted mix of brown rice flakes, buckwheat, coconut, apricot, linseed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed and honey.

  • Breadcrumbs 250g

    Breadcrumbs 250g

  • Baking Powder 100g

    Baking Powder 100g

  • Xanthan Mix 100g

    Xanthan Mix 100g

    Use one quarter teaspoon per cup of TGF flour to create "normal" flour. You'll still need a rising agent.

  • Dairy Free Chocolate 300g

    Dairy Free Chocolate 300g

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