How to order online through Totally Gluten Free Bakery

How online ordering works:

After you place your order, you will receive an email letting you know about payment. The website will then send an email to us letting us know what you have ordered. Any special instructions for us, we will find in the blank called “delivery instructions”

For example: you place your order on Sunday night for pickup on Wednesday. The area called “delivery instructions” is where you let us know that you would like pickup on Wednesday in the afternoon. Or you might place your order on Sunday evening once all the kiddos have hit the sack and you want delivery on Thursday. That is where you put those sorts of instructions.

If there are no special instructions given, we create the next time we bake and send it out to you or have it waiting in the shop for you to pick up. Please be aware, larger, more complicated orders might entail a few days to create.


How the freight works:

If you are outside of Christchurch in a non-rural area, we will send so that it arrives to you during the work week. There are no Saturday deliveries.

An example of this: Someone orders on a Thursday afternoon for delivery to Dunedin. We would have to wait to bake it on Monday and send to arrive to Dunedin on Tuesday as we do not have Saturday deliveries.

All addresses are checked for the ability to deliver overnight. Our freshly baked goodies have a short lifespan outside of freezing. We really want you to enjoy delicious gluten free products at their best.

Rural vs Non-Rural:

Please be aware that what “we” call rural and non-rural is wayyyy different than what a courier company calls rural. At present we utilise 10 different courier and freight companies to send our product all around New Zealand. We are constantly searching for more efficient and cheaper options, but our options can be limited by the time factor of delivery and the weight of the box and the size of the shipment.

You are able to check your own address on the Post Haste Website Address Checker. You could also have your product delivered to your place of work as it may not be a rural address. If you choose to do so, please give good instructions for the delivery person, an example of this is: Please leave at reception.

Frozen vs Fresh:

Many people would love to have our frozen and cold products delivered to their door. However, due to the size of our business we are unable to provide frozen freighting. The frozen freight companies will only deliver to businesses and not to private homes. For this reason, we can only wrap our cold products in newspaper and a plastic bag to keep them cold.

Our advice is if you do not want to receive partially frozen/cold products, please do not order them for delivery. Come down to the shop and have a good look and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. Please be aware that larger, more complicated orders might entail a few days to create.

If you have any further questions please feel very welcome to Contact Us direct!