• Afghans 4pk

    Afghans 4pk

  • Belgium Biscuit 3pk

    Belgium Biscuit 3pk

  • Chocolate Chip 4pk

    Chocolate Chip 4pk

  • Chocolate Swirls 6pk

    Chocolate Swirls 6pk

  • Lolly Cake Lg

    Lolly Cake Lg

  • Lolly Cake Sm

    Lolly Cake Sm

  • Melting Moments 6pk

    Melting Moments 6pk

  • Angel Biscuits 3pk

    Angel Biscuits 3pk

    Filled raspberry jam and sprinkled with icing sugar

  • Shortbread 4pk

    Shortbread 4pk

  • Mallow Pops 3pk

    Mallow Pops 3pk

  • Mixed Biscuits 4pk

    Mixed Biscuits 4pk

    A great way to try a few before picking your favourite

  • Cookie Monsters 4pk

    Cookie Monsters 4pk

  • Gingerbread Man Cookie

    Gingerbread Man Cookie

  • Gingerbread People 4pk

    Gingerbread People 4pk

  • Jumbo Afghan

    Jumbo Afghan

  • Jumbo Choc Chip

    Jumbo Choc Chip

  • Muesli Bar (choc)

    Muesli Bar (choc)

  • Muesli Bar (plain)

    Muesli Bar (plain)

  • Caramel Tarts 6pk

    Caramel Tarts 6pk

  • Neenish Tarts 6pk

    Neenish Tarts 6pk

    A lovely lemon tart dipped in a bit of chocolate to test your taste buds.

  • Cheese Straws 12pk

    Cheese Straws 12pk

  • Christmas Truffles

    Christmas Truffles

    8-12pk Festive Truffles, a must have on your Dessert Menu

  • Sponge


    18cm/7in round, just right for trifle. Contains: Soy flour.

  • Brandy Snaps 3pk

    Brandy Snaps 3pk

    A delish snack/dessert with a brittle & sweet casing. Add your own whipped cream and voila you have yourself a yummy treat. ChCh only, as we find these are too delicate to travel overnight.

  • Gingerbread Stars 6pk

    Gingerbread Stars 6pk

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